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ALDO Group
Aldo Group

Aldo Marketing CMS

We are currently developping an AngularJs/ReactJs Web application connected with a real-time database Firebase.

We also installed a complete development workflow using gulp while performing testing with Karma and Protractor.

We are currently using Material design/Zurb Foundation as the UI of the Web application.

Bell Canada
Bell Canada

Bell Canada

We are currently involved in many internal and consumer FrontEnd Web projects related to

We also developped first mobile Web chat application. mandates involves HTML, CSS and intensive Javascript development.



We have been involved in the 2015 revamped AEROPLAN.CA Website front-end integration as well as developing single marketing promotional pages

AEROPLAN.CA mandates involves HTML, CSS and Javascript development.

La Presse+
La Presse Plus+

La Presse Plus+

We were mandated to developped an in-House Javascript framework to enable La Presse to built Live Content Web application in La Presse Plus+ tablet application.

Our work can be viewed in "Finance" section of La Presse Plus+ application.

Finally we have also developped within La Presse Plus+ the Web app version of their native app LP Hockey.

iOS Applications

Apple app store

iOS Applications

We have developped some iOS applications for our own pleasure.

Canadian Sales Taxe Calculator
This application calculates a price after or before sales taxes for any Canadian provinces and includes a tip calculator.

Poker Bankroller
You play poker or play casino and need to track your gambling money?

Save Me
You pre-compose your "Save Me" text message so that you will send it when you need it the most

Telus Québec

Telus Québec

We are involved into developing the Web application for TV Combos allowing customers to select their TV Combos and their custom channels so that they would be able to print it and call an agent for ordering or get more details.

Telus Québec mandates involves AngularJs app development.

Innovative Imaging Tech

Innovative Imaging Tech

We have developped the user Web interface of Innovative Imaging Tech's REACT software tailored for Android plateform using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

We also developped a prototype of their first iOS universal app of REACT using Swift.

Finally we have developped their Website.

  • Our strength

    AngularJs, ReactJs
    HTML, CSS3, Material Design, Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Firebase.

  • Our Workflow

    Grunt and Gulp
    Testing with Jasmine and Protractor

  • Mobile strength

    iOS universal apps
    Swift and Objective-C

  • Contact us

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada